Gutai Pinacotheca on the WEB: Yoshihara Jiro and the Gutai Art Association

The Gutai Art Association, founded in 1954 and led by Yoshihara Jiro, was one of the most important radical artistic collectives in postwar Japan. Urged by Yoshihara to “do what no one has done before,” its members explored groundbreaking and interdisciplinary art forms and extended their activities worldwide. Growing recognition from the international art community has now brought Gutai a well-deserved global reputation.

Yoshihara was born in Osaka. He set up Gutai’s own exhibition space, Gutai Pinacotheca, in Nakanoshima, the administrative center and culture zone at the heart of Osaka where the City of Osaka is now preparing to construct the Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka. This website was named in celebration of the hub of Gutai art.

Today, the Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka has a collection of more than 800 paintings by Yoshihara and over 100 works by other Gutai members. These webpages introduce selected pieces from the collection, together with the unique, innovative activities of Yoshihara and Gutai.

  • History of Gutai
  • Gutai Pinacotheca
  • Jiro Yoshihara, the Leader of the Gutai: his Life and Works
  • Gutai Artists and their Works
  • Gutai Archive

All works and printed materials reproduced in this webpage are from the collection of the Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka unless otherwise indicated.

Figures (anticlockwise from upper left) : Gutai, no. 1 (1955) | Brochure of the Gutai Pinacotheca (1962) |Pinacotheca, the newsletter of the Friends (tomo-no-kai) of the Gutai Pinacotheca, no. 1 (1963)(also in Home page)

History of Gutai
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